Breaking news Josef decision from PFDK!

PFDK has announced that there is no room for a penalty assignment, except for the automatic penalty (1 match) for Josef de Souza, who received a red card after the fans entered the field in the Ankaragücü – Beşiktaş match. Josef de Souza will not be able to take part in Beşiktaş’s match against Başakşehir.

Here is the explanation:

“About BEŞİKTAŞ A.Ş. athlete JOSEF DE SOUZA DIAS, in the MKE ANKARAGÜCÜ-BEŞİKTAŞ A.Ş. Spor Toto Super League match played on 04.09.2022, even though he was referred due to unsportsmanlike behavior, FDT received a 94 It has been decided that there is NO PLACE FOR APPOINTMENT OF PENALTY, apart from the automatic penalty in the context of the provision /4.

The Board announced that Ankaragücü was fined for playing a match without an audience and a total fine of 550 thousand TL due to the events in the match.

TFF Disciplinary Instruction Article 94/4

“In official competitions, football players and other officials who are removed from the field of play due to a criminal act that violates the game discipline cannot play or take part in the first official competition following that competition, unless a heavier penalty is imposed by the Disciplinary Committee.”


After the final whistle of the tense Ankaragücü match, a fan entered the field and kicked the Beşiktaş player. In the last moments of the match, while there was an argument between the two benches, after the referee blew his final whistle, a fan jumped onto the field from behind the goal and attacked the black and white football players who were next to the referee in the midfield. The kick kicked by the fans coincided with the black and white football player Salih Uçan. Josef de Souza was shown a red card for this move as he sent the fans away.

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