Breaking news | Azerbaijan announced: 71 soldiers lost their lives

Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense, Armenia announced that the number of soldiers who lost their lives in clashes with the Turkish army increased to 71.

Intense clashes broke out between the military units of the two countries on the night of September 12 on the Azerbaijan-Armenia border.

In the latest statement made by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, it was announced that 71 soldiers lost their lives.


Azerbaijan had declared that it was ready to hand over the dead bodies of about 100 Armenian soldiers who lost their lives in clashes with Armenia.

State Commission of Captive, Missing and Hostage Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan made a statement on September 12-13. AzerbaijanIt was reminded that provocations against the territorial integrity of Turkey were prevented.

As a result, the statement pointed out that Azerbaijan demonstrated its commitment to international humanitarian law and said, “A ceasefire was called for Armenia and the bodies of about 100 Armenian soldiers who died were ready to be handed over to the other side unilaterally.” expressions were used.

It was noted that the International Committee of the Red Cross was also informed about the issue.


The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan announced that on the night of September 12 and the morning of September 13, the Armenian army carried out a large-scale provocation in the direction of the border with Azerbaijan in the Dashkesen, Kelbajar, Lachin and Zangilan directions.

The Azerbaijani army retaliated to silence the firing points of the Armenian Armed Forces and prevent the expansion of the conflict, and heavy losses were inflicted on the Armenian troops.