Brazilian legendary football player Pele’s ex-girlfriend told about their relationship: It was like a dream

Famous photographer and writer Selma FonsecaBrazilian football legend after he passed away at the age of 82 Pele He talked about his relationship with

Selma Fonseca, best friend of Pele in the 1990s when she was just 23 years old new YorkShe said she met him while working as her secretary in , and lived there as an illegal immigrant.

According to the Daily Star, Fonseca said that while Pele was living in Brazil, he and his friend were allowed to stay in his luxury apartment, but Pele wanted them to stay away from his bedroom.


Pele “like a god” Seeing her, Fonseca said about her experiences with Pele, “Once we got to the apartment, she took me straight to the previously forbidden bedroom, and I was finally able to see what was inside. There was a waterbed on a raised platform in the middle and I had to climb four steps to get to it. We had sex for hours, I don’t even remember falling asleep. It was like a dream. was like” said.

Fonseca said that Pele wanted to marry him, but “afraid of a racist reaction” told.


Fonseca, who learned that she was six months pregnant after having sexual intercourse with Pele, explained the miscarriage she experienced. “A message from God that they should not get married” called it.

Fonseca, Pele’s during pregnancy “Very exciting” stated that.


Fonseca married someone else USAHe said that he met with Pele again after receiving a green card in . “blocked” Put forward.

Pele when he was his lover “a kind and generous person” Fonseca, who describes it as “She was devastated after hearing the news of Pele’s death, but was finally able to tell her story with him” told.

When asked before his death, Pele was asked if it was difficult to stay loyal to him in relationships, “To be honest it was. I’ve had a few relationships, some of them ended up having kids. But I found out later. My first wife, my first girlfriend knew everything. I didn’t lie to anyone.” had given the answer.