Both murderer brothers died in Canada

The second suspect of the knife attacks in Canada, which killed 10 people and injured 18 people, was also caught, the suspect died in the hospital.

In the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, two attackers with knives, who were learned to be brothers, killed 10 people and injured 18 people on September 5. On Sunday morning, James Smith of Damien Sanderson (31) and Myles Sanderson (30), who were determined to be brothers, attacked people with knives in 13 places starting from the Cree Nation region and the city of Weldon.

One of the attackers, Myles Sanderson, was caught on Wednesday with the operations carried out after the incident. Myles, who became ill while in custody, died in the hospital where he was taken. Authorities said the attacker died of self-inflicted injuries to his body in an accident while driving a stolen car. He declined to explain further.

“We can breathe a sigh of relief tonight,” Deputy Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore, commander of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Saskatchewan, said at a news conference.

The other suspect, Sandersons’ 30-year-old brother, Damien Sanderson, was found dead near the site of the knife attacks. The possibility that Damien had been killed by Myles was also being investigated.

It was one of the deadliest attacks in Canadian history.

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