Borsa Istanbul could not get rid of selling pressure today By

© Reuters. – Borsa Istanbul is preparing to close the day, which started with an increase, in the negative.

After peaking at 3,715 points after the positive opening, the index fell to 3,567 points in the first wave, subject to selling pressure. The subsequent partial recovery met resistance at 3,650 points, while the second wave of selling resulted in a decline to 3,533 points.

While the selling pressure continues in the stock market towards the close, there is a decrease of more than 2.5% in the index at the moment.

Looking at the latest situation on a sectoral basis, together with today’s sales-weighted transactions index, the indices were most affected with a decrease of 5%. , , and are among the other sectors with the highest sales.

The insurance industry was the only industry surviving today, with a 3% rise towards the close. , and remained flat, giving back gains from the opening.

Top stocks of the day

The best-selling stocks in BIST 100 during the selling pressure in the second half of the day, Ziraat REIT (), Emlak Konut (), and Torunlar REIC () became Türkiye İş Bankası C ().

Türkiye Halk Bankası, Vakıfbank (), and Türkiye Garanti Bankası () were not affected by the sales wave and were close to the ceiling price towards the close. Net Holding () and Türkiye Sigorta () were among the stocks that rose the most, along with the banks.

Ütopya Turizm with its real estate investment shares throughout the stock market (), Anadolu Isuzu () and Beşiktaş () were the shares that lost the most value. Hürriyet (), Hidropar (), Royal Halı (), Rodrigo Tekstil () and Cosmos Yatirim () shares were also positively differentiated from the market and traded at the ceiling price.

The latest situation in foreign markets

The fact that the US inflation was lower than last month with the announcement of 8.3%, but above the expectations, caused hard sales in the US stock markets as well. , sees declines close to 3.5% and , has losses in the 2% band.

While the optimistic mood in the morning gave way to sales, European stock markets also entered a downward trend towards the close.

Author: Gunay Caymaz

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