Bomb question from Ahmet Hakan! Let’s answer this

Pointing out that the death of Queen Elizabeth of England was perceived as a global “grandmother’s death”, Ahmet Hakan said, “Anti-monarchy, anger at innate privileges, awareness of equal citizenship, the dark colonial past of the United Kingdom… “It’s like I’ve lost someone from our home” began to fly in the air. What’s going on? What is this Queen frenzy? Does humanity want to go back to the era of kings, queens, sultans, heirs?” she asked. Hakan stated the following in his article in the Hürriyet newspaper:

“The Queen’s death was perceived as a global ‘grandmother’s death’. Anti-monarchy, anger at innate privileges, equal civic consciousness, the UK’s dark colonial past and all that was forgotten. “What’s going on? What is this Queen madness? Does humanity want to go back to the era of kings, queens, sultans, heirs?

If I were a sociologist…

With a knowing and cool air…

I would make the following two observations in this regard:


FINDING ONE: No matter how much the awareness of equality increased, the interest and curiosity towards the privileged segments never decreased. Kings and queens are gone, they are replaced by other kings and queens. Think about it: How many artists have we declared “queen of pop” and how many “king of cinema” until now? Haven’t we always wondered about the secret / open lives of the nobles belonging to the monarchies that did not collapse? Diana has almost become our aunt. We are fascinated by the TV series of the British monarchy. In short, as humanity, our curiosity about “queen”, “prince”, “princess” never ceased.

FINDING TWO: We have been living in a time when distances are lifted, dignity is banished from our lives, prime ministers host crazy parties in their offices, and dignity is belittled for a very long time. And I guess we’re all a little tired of it. Now we’re all looking for a little dignity, a little distance, a little dignity. In any case, we have longed for a role model where the stance is never broken. Could such feelings also play a role in the frenzy of the Queen’s death?”