Bomb claim about the new king of England! Is this really true?

Noting that King Charles III was on the agenda of the world public opinion with the instructions he gave as soon as he ascended the throne, Mehmet Barlas said, “By the way, the swelling and redness of King Charles’s fingers caused speculation. He is said to be considering handing it over to William.” Barlas, in his article in Sabah newspaper, stated the following:

“As soon as King Charles III took the throne, he became the subject of the world’s public opinion with the instructions he gave. The most talked about of these instructions was the one he gave to his son, Prince Harry, saying, “Don’t bring Megan to the funeral.” Meanwhile, King Charles’s fingers were swollen and red, causing speculation.

Recently the British Prime Minister has changed and the Queen who approves of this has died. Now the country is preparing for a very cold winter. It is stated that a quarter of England will remain in the cold if the necessary precautions are not taken. Of course, on the other hand, the established order of England continues to provoke the whole of Europe against Russia. As will be remembered Putindeclared that London would be the first city to be bombed in the event of a real war. In other words, whether the queen or the prime minister changes, England does not give up on its historical habits.


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