Bomb allegations about Pirlo. Famous sports writer Cemal Ersen announced

Cemal Ersen, the master writer of Milliyet newspaper, made striking claims about Karagümrük Technical Director Andrea Pirlo.

Ersen reminded that Pirlo is the legendary player of Italian football and Juventus club, “Everyone was surprised when he was appointed as the head coach of Fatih Karagümrükspor at the beginning of the season. Moreover, it was noted that Pirlo and his 4 assistants would receive 900 thousand euros in the statement made by the club. Let me remind you that the same coach received 3.5 million euros annually from Juventus, the team he last coached.” used his statements.

The highlights from the rest of Ersen’s article are as follows:

– The truth has a habit of coming out sooner or later. As a matter of fact, I have reached the information that a significant part of the salary that Pirlo and his team will receive in a season is covered by the Juventus club. “The money that comes out of Karagümrükspor’s pocket can only be a snack for this team,” my source said.

– I learned that Pirlo is the project of the Juventus club, and that the 43-year-old coach is planned to develop himself and gain experience by coaching clubs or national teams abroad.

– Moreover, it was stated that Andrea Pirlo will leave at the end of the season, regardless of Karagümrükspor’s position in the league, and that he wants to head the national team of a medium-sized country in Europe.

– What is the measure of Pirlo’s success in Karagümrük? Not to be relegated or to participate in European cups? It doesn’t matter, no one will be held accountable anyway. It might be said that a cheap star has come and gone from water.