Bolsonaro will lose, will he relinquish power?

There is an election in Brazil today. ex captain Jair Bolsonaro’It is seen that the probability of losing the election is high in a country that has been tumultuous for 4 years, polarized, polarized to an extreme extent, and made it almost bloody and stagnant, dominated by political violence. The old president lula, 13 points ahead in the polls, but Bolsonaroists don’t believe the polls. “Brazil won’t be a faggot” He is far right enough to use his words for his campaign and tends to escalate male dominance.

Bolsonaro, who yearns for the military junta that ruled Brazil for years and has many retired soldiers in his government, Trump’like his twin. Both he and his supporters say that, like Trump, they are actually in a position to win the elections, that the pollsters are left-wing (how familiar!), that civil servants will change the results in their favor, that the electoral system cannot be trusted and that the election results should not be recognized. It has a very loyal vote base of 20 percent, so it is said that it will survive even if it loses (just like us!).


Bolsonaro battered the judiciary-justice system, but did not completely destroy it. For example, the judiciary arrested one of his closest men, a senator, for taking a pandemic bribe. Because all his children are active in politics “Bolsonaristas” they are called (we too must invent a unique concept!).

There are many similarities with Turkey.

Let me share the following determination in Brazil: “Familiar tactics such as threats, attacks and fake news” is on the agenda and is using them against party leaders. As with the authoritarian populist leaders, the policy of the Bolsonaroists is to lie brazenly. It is almost as if these methods are for their voters. “a loyalty test function” he sees. Even if it is a lie, even if it is not true, you will believe and support it. In Turkey, the government has entered this atmosphere!


Political authorities make the following determination: All leaders with authoritarian tendencies, After winning the elections, he takes much more radical anti-democratic decisions.

Hasn’t the AKP leader in our country become even more authoritarian after the elections he won, hasn’t he applied the laws arbitrarily, and now he is not presenting the law that will bring more censorship to the Parliament tomorrow while he is going to the elections? Bolsonaro’s external forces and organizations “demonization” and does not the tactic of increasing tension with the outside also work in our country?

Several times he simplified all the laws for the armament of civilians. It is even possible to buy automatic weapons. Armament is part of the political campaign. The political leader of the armament is his son, who is a congressman.


The possibility of Bolsonaro pushing the country into the abyss if he loses the elections is also discussed: “Bolsonaro can copy his political idol, former US President Donald Trump, Brazil can try to create January 6th, try to block a democratic transition, provoke turmoil. In the worst case, its supporters may resort to political violence and incite the armed forces to seize power.. They even made the following suggestion: “Let the armed forces supervise the elections!”

A Brazilian academic says: “Things can still go wrong on October 2nd. In the extremely polarized environment that exists in Brazil today, even minor incidents can lead to significant instability. So-called malfunctioning voting machines, delays in the announcement of results, or fake videos of violence on election day can create an environment for interference in the democratic process.”

Voting in the country is done electronically.

in Sweden and Italy “extreme right” came to power. There is a tendency towards authoritarianism in the world. But I think Brazil will dodge its turn in these elections. Because it failed. in Turkey “extreme right” The government, which has entered an authoritarian line, which we can say, has entered a process that will follow Brazil due to the great destruction it has created in the country.

But we have a change of power, like in Brazil. “easy” may not pass…

The reason is that all the powers are gathered in one hand.