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Park pleasure

Birce Akalay He was at Bebek Park with his dog the previous day.

Birce Akalay sat in the shade of a tree in the park where she came early in the morning and watched the sea. When the actress realized that her photos were taken, she asked the reporters: “Is it okay if we pass it off with a photo, if I don’t get questions this time?” (Sea SIZE)

Birce Akalay park pleasure

Bunch made a joke

Bulent Ersoy He sang his favorite songs at Affet Sahne in Bahçeşehir the previous evening. Ersoy answered the questions of the press members before the stage. The artist posed by throwing the champagne in his hand to the ground. About Demet Akalın pouring champagne on the waitress last summer, Ersoy said, “Demet is not an artist who will do it on purpose. He made a joke. There can be shows like that on the stage,” he said. (Say DURMAZ)


Birce Akalay park pleasure

love job

Derya Ulug gave a concert at Girne Rocks Hotel in Cyprus the previous evening. Answering questions before the stage, the singer said that she worked very hard during the summer season:

“I went on stage 10 days in a row. Some mornings when I woke up I had a hard time remembering which city I was in. But I’m not complaining, because our business is love.”

Birce Akalay park pleasure

Hande wind in Isparta

Hande Yener continues her concert marathon. The famous pop singer met with his audience in Isparta last night. There was great interest in Yener, who took the stage at Meydan AVM. The crowd that filled the square caused a stampede from time to time.

Birce Akalay park pleasure


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