Billur Kalkavan, who was treated for cancer, announced his health status! Skin and bones remained

Famous actress Billur Kalkavan, who shaved her hair because she was diagnosed with lung cancer, was making occasional posts about her health while upsetting all her fans in her final state. A new statement came from the player who fell to 44 kilos. Kalkavan, who was emaciated, informed his fans by sharing a video on his social media account.


59-year-old Billur Kalkavan, who is struggling with health problems, was found to have lung cancer. Actress Billur Kalkavan, who has been treated secluded for a while, broke her silence and shared a video of her health from her social media account about her latest situation. Saying that he is in the healing process, Kalkavan also thanked those who supported him and said, “Every beautiful energy you send heals my cells.”


Emphasizing that he is in the recovery process, the famous actor used the following statements:

“Hello, now for those who are wondering about my health; I am very good, I am getting better every day. The results are also good. There is nothing to worry about, I am recovering. Even hair comes out of my head, but I shave it myself because it is not better yet. So I get over it. Don’t worry about this issue… So don’t worry. Secondly, our Billur TV shootings will be a little late this month. Unfortunately, because I have to stay in the hospital a little longer. Forgive me. We will shoot it around the 3rd, so we will be on the air as soon as possible. I love you so much, beautiful I continue to receive your energies. Every beautiful energy you send heals my cells. Thank you very much.

Billur Kalkavan, who stated that his treatment continues and he could not share because he did not have energy, explained his experiences in a video he published.

crystal Kalkavan discharged

“I haven’t posted for a long time. Everyone is wondering. But I was not in the mood to answer. I had pneumonia, I had unpleasant moments in the hospital. I had no energy to post. But my treatment is going well. We filmed, I am very tired. I apologize to those who are wondering about me. I love you so much.” Everything is going very well.”

My weight has dropped to 47

Kalkavan shared on social media, “Everyone asks, it’s best to tell here. The examinations have been done, the results are excellent (mashallah). My brain is clean, the lesions are rotting and disappearing. Since there is a small thing left, my doctor has lightened my medications. I’m going home tomorrow, I don’t need to stay in the hospital long anymore, my energy. Good. I have no pain.
My only problem is appetite, I’ll take care of it slowly. My weight is 47, I am 1.64, I am married and I have 6 children. Endless thanks to everyone who inquired, cared, prayed and sent their good intentions. Thanks to you, I am on the way to become the person who can beat this disease the fastest. Love and respect from me to everyone, too.”

Kalkavan was hospitalized for his third chemotherapy treatment. Billur Kalkavan, who completed her treatment, was discharged. It turned out that Kalkavan, who was given a unit of blood and gained 4 kilograms, would be subjected to a brain tomography.

crystal shield

After being discharged, Kalkavan shared on his social media account, “I hope I will get over it as soon as possible.” made the statement.

billur kalkavan cancer treatment


Kalkavan, who has been under surveillance at the hospital since Tuesday, because he lost 44 kilos, explained the latest situation about his health on his Instagram page with the following words.

“I’ve been in the hospital since Tuesday. The reason I’m staying here is because I’m being well taken care of. We are having a hard time at home. I gained a little weight, albeit a little. I’m getting better day by day, I’m in good spirits, thanks again for your interest, because it’s the biggest factor in my recovery. I love everyone, I’m not angry at anything, I’m in acceptance and flow. It’s easier that way.”

crystal kalkavan latest version


Kalkavan, “I came to get my 3rd chemotherapy. I will stay for a week because I can’t manage to gain weight at home. Still 44.7kg which is very little for me. My doctor insists that I need to gain weight, Buğra is eating my head. I’m not normally a greedy person, so I don’t know how to do it. After that, there is another round of chemotherapy, and examinations in between. I am grateful to everyone who writes, calls and sends messages to me, with your good wishes, my billions of cells are healing every day.” used the phrases.


The actress, who was discharged from the hospital a few days ago, shared her home state. Sharing the pose taken by her fiancé Buğra Bahadırlı with his followers, Kalkavan added the following note.

Are you happy to return home? If only I could sleep very comfortably… Julie on my head, Hedgehog between legs, Lucky at her feet, Leo next to me, Venus on the side bed and YinYeng, what else. Buğra took the photo at night.

last post of billur kalkavan

On the other hand, Kalkavan thanked his followers and said that he would reject the medicine and doctor’s advice.


Billur Kalkavan, who received great attention with the emergence of his disease, shared his photo with his doctor on his Instagram account and wrote: “Because I am very comfortable in the hospital’s staff, wonderful nurses, great service and care, I stay for a few days and return home after chemotherapy.

After all, I am very comfortable without cats, without my sleep being interrupted. “The interest, love and concern I have received after my Hamdi Alkan and Enver Aysever’s posts have motivated me a lot. God bless everyone. I have only one request. Please do not send me advice on doctors, medicines, herbs, etc.

I will continue with the most advanced technology treatment methods I have received here. I don’t trust anything you send, especially without consulting my doctor.

Unstudied drugs, herbs, etc. Things can backfire a lot. Endless thanks to everyone.”

crystal Kalkavan and his doctor

Billur Kalkavan shared information about his illness with his latest post on his social media account.

crystal kalkavan cancer explanation

Kalkavan “My Hamdi Alkan came to visit me today and asked permission to share. I didn’t know you loved me that much. I was very happy. God bless you. I corrected the photo a bit, but I’m sorry. I have a request, please don’t call, send me a message. I’m very tired. ” said.


Master actor and director Hamdi Alkan did not leave his friend alone.

Alkan, who visited Kalkavan and shared his latest version, said, “I wish Billur Kalkavan a speedy recovery. Your beautiful heart and energy will overcome this disease, my dear Billur. I am always with you.” used the phrases. Billur Kalkavan has not yet made a statement about her illness.

crystal Kalkavan got cancer


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