Billion dollar investment can be garbage! Great concern in the USA… ”Turkey can accumulate enormous reserves”

The fact that the price of gas to be sent to Europe will be determined largely in the center that is expected to be established in Turkey upset the balance of the West.

The critical role of Turkey in the field of energy, which will have an international distribution center, was enough to worry the Western countries. In the analysis article published in the Western press, it was stated that the fact that Turkey is an energy center bothers the USA the most.

In the analysis article, which stated that being a neighbor to three important gas producing countries gives Ankara a tremendous advantage, “Today, Turkey is in a transition state between producers and consumers. Turkey currently buys gas from Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan, and finally Turkmenistan. In the future, this may allow him to accumulate enormous reserves that he can put up for sale to European countries.”

While emphasizing that European gas imports will increase exponentially in the coming years, attention was drawn to the EU’s steps towards accepting natural gas as a “sustainable” energy source.

It was noted that additional pipelines would increase efficiency, reduce sales costs and enable Turkey to play an important role as a transit country for gas flow from Russia, and it is likely that Turkey will use its “energy card” against the European Union.

While it was emphasized that the USA has invested billions of dollars in LNG in Louisiana and Texas to be exported to Europe, it was stated that Turkey’s transformation into a “gas base” would affect the economic interests of the USA.

“Turkey’s desire to play such a role will undermine the US vested interests in the energy sector and will affect the sale of its own gas,” the analysis paper said.

Star Newspaper