Big shock to Turkey from the Athletics Integrity Unit. 7 countries on the watch list due to manipulation


The World Athletics Council has announced its decision on the files reviewed by the AIU (Athletics Integrity Unit) last year, alleging manipulation of the results of some competitions around the world.

In the decision, a follow-up decision was issued for 7 countries including Turkey, Albania, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, and Uzbekistan.

The Turkish Athletics Federation responded after this follow-up decision. TAF President Fatih Çintimar made a statement regarding the issue.

Here are Fatih Çintimar’s statements;
”Dear family of athletics,

In the decision published on the official website today (23 September 2022) regarding the file discussed at the meeting held in Eugene last summer, it was decided to include seven countries, including Turkey, on the “watch list”. According to this;

– International competitions held in Turkey and regional championships such as the Balkan Championship,

– Competitions such as N-Kolay Istanbul Marathon subject to the World Athletics Association rating criteria,

– Under the supervision of World Athletics, the results of the Turkish Athletics Championships, which score the World Championships with high coefficients, retain their place in the world list and quota scoring, provided that it reserves the authority to assign technical delegates.

Other than this, results in other local competitions will be temporarily disqualified.

In the process starting from September 23, all competitions will be approved again after meeting the evaluation criteria of international technical officials.

As the Turkish Athletics Federation, as of today, we will continue to work closely with World Athletics, while renewing our competition measurement infrastructure and intensifying our referee trainings. We would like to state that all our efforts will be to end this process as soon as possible.

In the follow-up process, which we hope will last a short time, our top priority will be that our athletes plan their quota competitions abroad very carefully, while increasing our international competitions in the country so that they do not suffer any unjust treatment.

Kind regards,”


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