Big game in diesel and gasoline. Drivers expected a discount of at least 5 TL

According to the news of Kronos, oil prices, which broke record after record, started to decline. The price of Brent oil per barrel decreased by more than 10 dollars in a week, to 84 dollars. American oil also fell to $80.

However, the drop in oil did not stop at the gas stations. To fuel distribution companies, especially refinery companies, under the #OİndirimFuture tag on social media “When it comes to discounts, they make a quick decision.” he was shouted.

Considering the decline in oil, it was expected that there would be a discount of at least 1.50 Turkish Lira (TL) on diesel this week.

A source close to the subject claimed that Turkey Petrol Refineries Anonim Şirketi (TÜPRAŞ), a subsidiary of Koç Holding operating in the energy sector, and Azerbaijan’s oil giant Star Refinery (İzmir, Aliağa) did not change their refinery exit prices to turn the decline into an opportunity.


Another source said that a reduction decision was made, but this time the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) intervened.

same source, “EMRA expects the oil price to drop a little more, and accordingly, a significant reduction in diesel oil will be made.” said. However, EMRA sources noted that no action was taken.

The fact that there was no change in prices in the message sent to the dealers by the fuel distribution companies today revealed that the price mystery still continues.

On September 20, there was a discount of 1.76 TL per liter of diesel. The discount was determined as 2.23 TL, but refinery companies reduced the discount amount at the last minute.