Biden crisis does not stop in the USA… The photo of the scandal has emerged!

Creation Date: January 18, 2023 08:49

US President Biden is in trouble with documents coming out of his home and office. The event, which is the number one item in the USA, gained a new dimension with the photo in the country’s press.

President in the USA Joe Biden… Joe Biden, the notorious US president for his blunders, is in trouble with classified documents.

While the echoes of the discovery of a new series of secret documents from the vice presidency of Biden, the target of criticism, continued, the US press hosted striking images.

The image of Biden’s home in Delaware, where the new classified documents were found, was published by Fox News.

A photo of Biden’s mansion taken in 2019 has emerged, revealing that the residence is not protected by the Secret Service.

The US press wrote that confidential documents were not protected by anyone while in this house. The frames in question were described as ‘the photo of the scandal’.

In the footage taken by Fox News, it is seen that there is a guardhouse at the entrance of the house, while the neglect of this structure indicates that no one has been there for a long time.

Officials say it is normal to not have a Secret Service presence at home. Because most of the bodyguards assigned to Biden, whose position as Deputy Assistant ended at the time the photo was taken, were assigned to new duties.

It is seen as Biden’s fault that secret documents were found in the house, which was once protected by the Secret Service, and that it was in an unprotected position for years.


The White House said recently that the US Department of Justice was reviewing potentially classified documents found in the Washington office space of the president’s former institute.

A search by Biden’s own team promptly returned the six-page document that was said to be in the library to the national archives. The paperwork in this third discovery also dates from Biden’s vice presidency.

Richard Sauber, the president’s special adviser, underlined that as soon as the documents were found, Biden’s personal lawyers contacted the White House and state institutions dealing with national archives.


It is also among the information received that the Ministry of Justice has examined the documents in question. Biden accused Trump of irresponsibility, who had secret documents from his residence in the past period.

Now the US is debating whether this was due to irresponsibility or forgetfulness.


The health of 79-year-old Biden, one of the oldest presidents in the world, was previously USA It has been the subject of discussion many times over.

Former President Donald Trump called Biden ‘senile’ in his election campaign and claimed that he would fail if he took the cognitive test.