Betrayal that broke Francesco Totti! He told how he was deceived: “I was suffering like a dog”

Francesco Totti and his 20-year-old wife Ilary Blasi’s claim to divorce was on the agenda like a bomb and it was stated that the star football player was betrayed. Speaking to the press for the first time after the allegations of betrayal, Totti told what he went through and how he realized how he was deceived.


In an interview with Corriere Della Sera, Francesco Totti told how he learned how Ilary Blasi cheated on him. Totti also admitted that he had seen someone while he was still married to Blasi.

The explanations of the Italian legend are as follows:


I never thought to talk about it, but everyone but me is a dweller. I don’t want my children to suffer in the wrong way. I want to say bata flour. I was not the first to cheat. I know that there is no perfect marriage. Ours wasn’t perfect either. First of all, in 2016, in the last year of my football career, crises started to break out. I was sad, I needed him, but he didn’t show me that interest.


On October 12, 2020, my father died from coronavirus. I last saw him on August 26. I couldn’t visit later because he was sick. I was loaded. Ilary was not with me. Later, I caught a virus and was quarantined at home for 25 days. My children, I have watched my wife very much. I finally got my kids and my wife back, but my slope is no longer what it used to be.


In September last year, there were rumors. They were saying that Ilary had multiple girlfriends. I could say ‘impossible’ as an answer. They said they were serious, that Ilary had cheated on me with more than one person. I trusted so much, even my myrrh friends began to tell me this. i was unsatisfied.


Then I found messages on your phone. I also noticed that Ilary used codenames. I understood this in the fall, but the messages were much older. ok i did. It was ok for me that Ilary was dating someone else. I couldn’t believe that you might be interested in others, but the messages were in front of your eyes. The messages were cloudy in the hotels… I understood that the hairdresser Alessia also mediated these discoveries. I will not give the names of other people.


I kept everything inside me. I didn’t say anything to anyone. I couldn’t even tell my problem to Vito Scala, who has been my friend since I was 11 years old. I’m not one to close their eyes in the face of problems, but I started acting like nothing happened. It wasn’t about Ilary, it was about children, it was about family. I was hungry like a dog, I got it. One day he said to me: ‘I will have to stay longer in Milan this year. I’ll go to Rome later.’ i couldn’t believe it.


IM in depression. It took a long time for the marriage to end. Noemi Bocchi was the one who got me out of this depression. All of a sudden, the news started to appear in the newspapers. They were rumors, but I had the evidence. About me and Ilary. I spent sleepless nights. I fell into depression again with the news. Now I am not me. I was just a human. It was Noemi who saved me.

I was friends with Noemi at first. We were friends the day we were photographed at the stadium. He went to the sports with his friends, played padel and then they came to the salary. I had no idea. We’re already friends at that moment. If I had known about the arrival of a friend of mine, we would have been sitting next to each other, why would we prefer to sit far away? I can say that our relationship started this year. I repeat; I was never the first to cheat.


In the first days when I was deceived, I did not mix my voice. I still thought I could save my family. At one point I couldn’t stand it and asked Ilary about the other guy. He denied it, said he didn’t know. Then he realized what I knew. She told me you only saw it for coffee. I noticed that they are defined in March 2021. There is both that man and others… I told him what I knew, what I found. Later I would have him face hairdresser Alessia. people were in denial. At the same time, he was continuing to meet with those men. Before this press, news about me and Neomi came to the press.


After our divorce, his father came to our house to get his things. Later I realized that I had taken my entire watch collection and returned it. Come with boxes and warranty papers. It’s not something that could happen by accident. He also wears someone special after me. They installed sound recorders in my car, in my house. I am being tracked by GPS.