Besiktas tactic of Jorge Jesus! |

in FenerbahçePreparations for the Beşiktaş derby, which will be played on Sunday, October 2, after the national break in the Süper Lig, started weeks ago. Under normal circumstances, the technical teams would work for each match week by week, but Coach Jorge Jesus and his team, who will play their first derby in the Super League, started their Beşiktaş shift long before.

Knowing that the positive atmosphere in the community will increase with the derby victory, the Portuguese coach is aware that if this match is won, the self-confidence of the team will increase even more. Jesus, who has played similar derbies many times in his career, knows that small details are the determining factor in these matches.

Skorer’s For this reason, besides the analyzes made on the screen, on-site follow-up was also carried out. In this context, Jesus’ assistants have followed Beşiktaş’s matches not only on the screen but also from the stands for the last three weeks. That’s why every detail was noted and came before Jesus. The experienced technical man prepared the derby plan with his team by combining the notes from the stadium as well as the video analysis of all the matches of the opponent.

King, who returned early from the national team due to injury, is scheduled to start field work today. In addition to the football player expected to play in the derby, Serdar Aziz, who survived his injury, will also be able to play in the Beşiktaş match. It was learned that Peres, whose situation was followed day by day, was difficult to play.

Yellow-dark blue people, derby time really starts today. Players who worked incompletely during the national break made more conditioning loads. After yesterday’s day off, full team work will begin, except for Luan Peres, who is injured as of today. As of today, field training will be geared towards the derby match. In addition, visual studies on competitor analysis will be conveyed to the players and meetings will be held.