Belgium’s natural gas reserves reach 100% fullness

Although Belgium’s natural gas reserve reaches 100 percent fullness, it only meets 4 percent of the country’s annual consumption.

Due to the natural gas crisis that broke out due to the Russia-Ukraine War, European countries are trying to prepare their gas reserves for the next winter.

According to the information given by Belgian Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten, Belgium’s natural gas reserves have reached 100 percent fullness.

Second country to reach occupancy rate

According to the figures obtained from the European Bulk Gas Storage Inventory, the authorized platform of the European Union (EU) regarding the supply levels of gas reserves, Belgium has become the second country, after Portugal, to reach full occupancy among the member states of the European Union (EU) with this development. .

Reserves account for only 4% of the country’s annual consumption

According to the European Bulk Gas Storage Inventory, Belgium has gas reserves at 100 percent since September 29.

However, it was stated that Belgium’s gas reserves meet only 4 percent of the country’s annual consumption, so Belgium’s country capacity is limited.

On the other hand, Belgium has the capacity to import more gas than it needs, especially from Norway and through its own Zeebrugge Terminal. Portugal, on the other hand, reached the fullness of its reserves in mid-September.

Worst occupancy rate in Hungary and Bulgaria

According to data from the European Bulk Gas Storage Inventory dated 2 October, gas reserves for the EU as a whole are reported to be 89.3 percent full.

Among EU member states, Hungary and Bulgaria are counted as the worst performing countries with 75 percent occupancy rates, while Belgium’s neighbors Netherlands and Germany have 92 percent occupancy rates.

France, the country’s southern neighbor, has already reached an occupancy level of more than 97 percent.

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