Belgian police are looking for ‘free customers’ who defrauded many hotels, restaurants and cafes

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De Haan is a coastal city

Belgian police are looking for a person who has been staying for days without paying, eating and drinking in many hotels, restaurants and cafes in the coastal city of Haan.

According to the prosecution, a person who arrived in the city before Christmas settled in a beach hotel in the town of Wenduine.

The Belgian, who stayed at the hotel for about 1 week, developed very good relations with the employees.

The Belgian, who said that he came to De Haan to work and wanted to take a vacation before starting work, spent the New Year’s Eve at the hotel.

The Belgian, who owed about a thousand euros to the hotel, disappeared without paying the bill. Hotel employees found invoices from other hotels when they searched his room.

It was determined that the Belgian customer stayed at other hotels on the beach, similarly, without paying an account.

Hotel manager Joeri Van Doninck told public broadcaster VRT that it turns out that the “free customer” isn’t just satisfied with hotels:

“He ate at numerous cafes and restaurants without paying any bills, and even rented an apartment. He knows very well what he’s doing.”

“But it would have been even better if he had come to pay the bill,” the Belgian hotel manager said, noting that the free male client was quite friendly.

The Belgian prosecutor’s office launched an investigation after the businesses complained. Police are looking for the suspect.

But business owners say they’re not too hopeful of getting their money back.