Belarusian President Lukashenko orders military on wartime alert

Lukashenko, in his meeting with State Security Council Secretary Aleksandr Volfovic, stated that they created a defense area with Russia and that in fact, the two countries are actually joint armed forces.

Lukashenko stated that Belarusian society should know how to defend itself and what its actions will be. “There is no need to imply that we will fight in Ukraine and blame us. We need to protect our homeland. And as for support for Russia, I reaffirm it once again. There should not and will not be any blows against Russian troops from behind, from the side, from the flanks through Belarus. This is our ally. is our obligation to he said.


Lukashenko, who wants not to make simplifications in security and military training, “The situation is very serious. I would even say dangerous and under no circumstances should we loosen things up. There is no need to fear anything. We need to alert some military units by wartime standards. It is necessary.” used his statements.

Expressing that there is a need to strengthen the defense of the homeland and to prepare volunteer people’s militias, that these militias are in the formation stage, Lukashenko asked for action to be taken to control how these forces fight and what kind of weapons they have.


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