Belarus and Russia cannot tolerate humiliation

Lukashenko, who met with Putin in Sochi, reacted to Western countries. “The future of Europeans is with Russia and Belarus,” said Lukashenko.

Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus and Russia cannot tolerate humiliation

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi.

Lukashenko sent a message to Europe in the open part of the meeting.

“They were waiting for us to crash”

“Belarus and Russia will collapse.” Lukashenko, who reacted to Western countries saying, “They expected us to crash, but we continue without fear. We have found partners who have successfully worked with us.” he said.

Lukashenko emphasized that attempts to humiliate Russia and Belarus are unacceptable.

Lukashenko: No one can tolerate humiliation

Belarusian leader, “No one can tolerate humiliation. Russia is a huge country. I tell Europeans that their future is with Russia and Belarus.

Russia and Belarus have everything they need, and we can buy various things from them, such as technology. They need to take responsible steps.” used the phrases.

“Europe is mixed, people are on the street in Germany”

Noting that European politicians should listen to their protesting citizens, Lukashenko said, “All of Europe is mixed. Even in the richest country, Germany, the people are on the street, everyone is demonstrating. At some point they will have to listen to them.” said.

Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus and Russia cannot tolerate humiliation #1

“Those who fled are not people you can trust”

Speaking about the people leaving Russia due to the partial mobilization decision, Lukashenko said:

“Maybe this is a good development. Let’s say 30 thousand or 50 thousand people fled the country. Russia has a mobilization resource of 25 million people. Those who run away are not people you can trust. I don’t know how you guys are feeling, but I wasn’t worried when several thousand people fled Belarus in 2020.”

“Those who fled Russia will want to return.

Lukashenko explained that those who fled from Belarus wanted to return to a significant extent, “Those who fled Russia will also want to return. You will have to decide what to do with these people, let them come or tell them to stay where they are.” he said.

Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus and Russia cannot tolerate humiliation #2

Barriers to Belarusian fertilizer

Putin, on the other hand, stated that he plans to meet with Lukashenko on many issues related to regional problems and the economy, “Unfortunately, the access of Belarusian fertilizer to global markets is still blocked. This is very strange because especially developing countries have a serious need for these products.” said.

According to AA, Putin underlined that Western countries should treat Russia and Belarus with respect.

Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus and Russia cannot tolerate humiliation #3