Banks deposited 9 thousand TL payments into accounts

The news that an additional consumer loan opportunity up to 9000 TL will be provided to the citizens who receive a pension is true, and those who will carry out their transactions both through private banks and public banks are approved through banks as quickly as 9000 TL. We have listed the banks below for you, where you can transact with a maturity of up to 36 months in the consumer loan campaign you have received through your pension account.

9000 TL pension payment through Ziraat Bank Vakıfbank and Halkbank

Citizens who receive pensions through public banks can easily perform their transactions without going to the branches so that they can apply for 9 thousand TL. If you receive your pension from Ziraat Bank, Vakıfbank and Halkbank, payment transactions up to 9000 TL are given to you quickly, under the name of general purpose loan campaign, within 5 minutes. If you need cash, you can apply for a loan through internet banking applications.

9000 TL pension payment through Akbank

Citizens who will apply for consumer loans through Akbank, if they are bank customers, can apply for a cash loan by logging into the Akbank Direkt application. If you receive your pension through Akbank, you can perform all the transactions you will make from the bank branches 7 24 through the Akbank Direkt application.

The bank will give results within 5 minutes to those who will get consumer loans through this bank, which will provide 36-month loan service to those who will apply for the 9000 TL 36-month term consumer loan campaign. When you get a 36-month loan with a 3-month deferral, you can withdraw this money, which will be deposited in your account, at any time. Citizens who do not receive a pension through Akbank can also apply by sending an SMS quickly if the bank credit score is suitable. Type credit, leave a space, and send this message to 44 25 by typing your TR ID number, and you will quickly participate in the credit campaign through the bank.

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