Banks announced one after the other: We are closing the loan debts of retirees!

Banks for retirees pressed the button! After the public banks, private banks also announced the debt closing loan for retired citizens who owed loans to various banks. Retirees are provided with ease in debt closing loan applications. Here are the banks that give debt closing loans…

For retirees who have debts to banks such as ING, Yapı Kredi, İşbank, TEB, QNB, Akbank, Garanti and have difficulty in paying debt settlement loan launched the campaign.

All retired citizens will be able to benefit from this opportunity given for retirees. In this way, he will be able to find the opportunity to relax a little by paying off his debts to a single bank.


Retired citizens can apply for a loan in many different ways for this opportunity, which is exclusive to retirees.

You can apply by going to the relevant bank and taking a form from the customer representative and filling out the required fields completely, or you can apply through online banking with a special loan campaign for pensioners.

Special for retirees, who search for ‘retired’ in the application of the relevant bank via online banking and under the link opened. Bank loan It is possible to apply for a loan quickly by selecting the option.


ING Debt Closing Loan: 1.24 percent interest, 365 TL monthly payment, 13 thousand 175 TL total loan

Yapı Kredi Debt Closure Loan: 3.14 percent interest, 523 TL monthly payment, 18 thousand 894 TL total loan

İşbank Debt Closing Loan: 2.15 percent interest, 437 TL monthly payment, 15 thousand 782 TL

TEB Debt Closing Loan: 1.64 percent interest, 395 TL monthly payment, 14 thousand 287 TL total loan

CEPTETEB Debt Closing Loan: 1.64 percent interest, 395 TL monthly payment, 14 thousand 287 TL total loan

QNB Finansbank Debt Closing Loan: 1.74 percent interest, 403 TL loan, 14 thousand 576 TL total loan

Akbank Debt Closing Loan: 2.26 percent interest, 446 TL monthly payment, 16 thousand 114 TL total loan Debt Closing Loan: 1.99 percent interest, 424 TL monthly payment, 15 thousand 253 TL total loan

Garanti BBVA Debt Closure Loan: 2.67 percent interest, 481 TL monthly payment, 17 thousand 382 TL total loan

Aktif Bank Debt Closing Loan: 3.19 percent interest, 528 TL monthly payment, 19 thousand 58 TL total loan