Bad news for Ezgi Mola’s mother! Despite all their efforts, the result did not change.

Actress Ezgi Mola came up with a remarkable news. Ezgi Mola, who managed to reach large audiences thanks to the TV series named Innocent Apartments, this time came to the fore with the news of a remarkable lawsuit. The decision was announced in the case filed by her mother.

The development that is on the agenda in the world of magazines! Famous actress Ezgi Mola’s mother, Jale Erkan, had an eye lift operation after her facial paralysis, but claimed that she had difficulty in eating after the operation. Dr. He filed a lawsuit against Tamer Koldaş for compensation through his lawyer. The decision was announced in the lawsuit filed by Ezgi Mola’s mother. The decision was the kind of decision that would upset Ezgi Mola’s mother.

Ezgi Mola’s mother Jale Erkan, after her stroke Prof. Dr. He went to Tamer Koldaş and had eye laundering surgery. Stating that he could not eat and bite his lip after the operation, Erkan filed a lawsuit against the doctor for compensation.

Jale Erkan, who filed a lawsuit for damages of 160 thousand TL, received bad news from the Forensic Medicine Institute. It was reported by the institution that the professor was flawless in the surgery, that Erkan interrupted the treatment by going to another doctor after the operation, and that he was defective in the incident as an operation, again by another doctor.

According to Sabah’s report, Claiming that he had neurological problems after the surgery, Erkan claimed that he had difficulty in eating, bit his lip while talking and started to spill his food, and filed a lawsuit for 150 thousand liras for material and 10 thousand liras for moral damages against the doctor who performed the operation, Tamer Koldaş.

Erkan claimed that only the first and last pages of the Informed Consent Form were signed by the plaintiff before the operation, that he did not know what would happen to him because he did not read the form, and that the doctor did not inform him.

In the case before the Istanbul Consumer Court, Jale Erkan was examined by the Board of the Forensic Medicine Institute. After the examination, the Authority submitted a report to the court. In the report, it was noted that Erkan’s induction and application of gold plate placement on the upper eyelid and lower eyelid lifting surgery were medically correct.