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Fanatic Armenians, Francelocated in Paris, the capital of Azerbaijan After the attack on its embassy, ‚Äč‚ÄčAzerbaijan took action. In a statement made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, it was stated that Zacharie Gross, the French Ambassador to Baku, was summoned to the ministry and given a protest note. During the meeting, it was stated that Deputy Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Halef Halefov informed Gross that the attack by the extremist group belonging to the Armenian diaspora in France violated French laws and generally accepted norms of international law.

On the other hand, stating that material damage occurred in the embassy building during the attack, Halefov said that there was a great threat to the activities of the diplomatic mission and the lives of the employees. Halefov also conveyed to Gross that Azerbaijan strongly protested against allowing these actions of radical Armenian groups and not taking timely measures.



Stating that he regrets that France has not fulfilled its obligation to ensure the security of its diplomatic missions by the host country in accordance with the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, Halefov said that this act, which endangered the diplomatic mission and personnel, should be thoroughly investigated by the French law enforcement agencies, and an appropriate legal assessment should be made, He demanded from Ambassador Gross that the criminals be brought to justice and that compensation be paid.

On the other hand, Gross noted that he regrets the attack on the embassy and that, according to the request of the Azerbaijani side, necessary steps will be taken for a proper legal assessment of the incident.


Fanatic Armenians attacked the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Paris, the capital of France. In a statement on his social media account, Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to France Rahman Mustafayev shared the security camera footage of the attack and said, “Armenian fanatics living in France attacked the Azerbaijan Embassy building in Paris. But let’s leave aside the Armenian barbarians. Mr. Emmanuel Macron, who did not protect the embassies and Shame on France for ignoring our legitimate demands for our security,” he said.


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