Automotive giant pauses production! Thousands of people work at the factory: the switch will be lowered on December 30

The automotive giant is suspending production. Automotive giant Tofaş Automobile AŞ. It will suspend production at its factory in Bursa. Production will start on January 16 at the giant facility, which will take a 15-day break for year-end inventory counting and planned maintenance and investment in production lines as of December 30.

It has been learned that the factory management will distribute Cumhuriyet gold to all its employees this year, just like last year. Tofaş Factory employs 4518 blue-collar and 1480 white-collar personnel. Last year, the factory distributed Cumhuriyet gold to its 10,000 employees.

After it was announced to the public that TOFAŞ’s new Fiat Doblo model would be produced at Stellantis’ Vigo factory in Spain, eyes were turned to the factory in Bursa. Studies on new products to be produced at the Tofaş Factory, including the extension of the production of the current Fiat Doblo model, which is announced to continue at the TOFAŞ Factory until the end of 2022, for Turkey, North America, Canada, the Middle East and Africa in line with the demand from export markets, and It was learned that while the evaluations continue, important information will be announced to the public.

It has been learned that the Doblo 636 model produced in the USA and the Doblo 263 model produced for the Euro Market will not be produced again by the end of 2022 at the factory, which is preparing to enter the new year, and the Doblo 263 model will continue to be produced in the Turkish market until the end of 2023.