Attention to those who withdraw their pension from Ziraat Bank ATM! Now you will pay 80 TL! valid for 12 months

A great opportunity arose for customers who received their pension through Ziraat Bank. The bank announced its campaign by taking action for its retired customers. Türk Telekom line owner retired customers were given the opportunity to participate. Here are the details of the campaign given to Ziraat Bank customers.

While Ziraat Bank continued to offer various campaigns to its retired customers, 750 minutes in each direction, 750 SMS in each direction and 5 GB internet service were provided via Türk Telekom. Those who wanted to take advantage of this bill, which was only 80 TL for 12 months, flocked to telecom dealers.


Those who receive their pension through Ziraat Bank are given a monthly fixed fee discount, and they can be used with only 80 TL. It will be sufficient to enter the campaign by typing the ZIRAAT blank Turkish Identity Number, send an SMS to 5555 belonging to Türk Telekom, and write ZIRAAT ONAY to the following SMS or call Türk Telekom Customer Services.

In the previous tariff, which has the opportunity of Ziraat Emeklilik, 750 minutes in each direction, 750 SMS in each direction and 5 GB internet service are offered. When switching to number porting and prepaid tariffs, 150 TL including VAT and SCT is available, and for customers switching from Türk Telekom postpaid tariffs, 175 TL including VAT and SCT is paid.

Ziraat Pensioners can benefit from the campaign, which will continue for 12 months, with a fee of 80 TL. Ziraat Emekli tariff is charged over 115 TL for the Ziraat Emekli tariff for 12 billing periods, to be valid together with the billing period for which an agreement was reached on the Ziraat Emekli tariff.