Attention to prolong the life of mobile phones!

Phone maintenance and repair Hidir YildizHe said that the most common complaint of customers coming to his shop is battery problems.

Talking about errors in general phone usage, Yıldız stated that using mobile devices while charging greatly reduces battery life.

Star related to the subject, “Just as a person cannot work while eating, the phone should not be used while it is plugged in. In this case, the device may experience reverse voltage and burn the battery.” said.


Talking about the points to be considered while charging the phone, Hıdır Yıldız said, “We must take care to choose the right charger. Chargers generally work with 5 volts and are compatible with phones accordingly. However, if the volt value of the devices you buy from unknown brands is wrong, it may cause problems that can lead to breaking your phone.

Another problem is that mobile devices stay plugged in from evening to morning. Long periods of time at full charge can reduce battery life. In addition, during the maintenance of the electricity networks at night, the electricity can go back and forth, and therefore the phones can be damaged. In addition, thanks to the use of lithium technology in batteries, plugging and unplugging does not hurt. In short, it is very important not to use it while it is plugged in, not to leave it on charge until the morning, and to use the right chargers. Paying attention to these can extend the life of phones from 3 to 6 years,” he said.


Claiming that the updates made by popular phone brands today shorten the life of mobile devices, Hıdır Yıldız said, “New phones give service warnings in a very short time. Some brands make the batteries run out easily with their new updates.

On new phones, there is a warning that the battery needs to be changed after 74 percent. However, when we insert the old batteries we have, I see that they are still around 85 percent. When the customer goes to the service for this situation, it is seen as a user error and a charge is requested for the new battery. I think that battery replacement should be considered within the warranty,” he said.