Attention, those who have a modem at home! If you do not update the agreement, 77 TL will be reflected on the invoice as of tomorrow.

After the increase in basic food products, the increase in electrical and electronic product services It would be surprising if he didn’t. Check your modem agreements or as of tomorrow, 77 TL will be reflected directly on the invoice. The fact that millions of people in our country are busy with technology and their usage levels reach the highest point makes it necessary to have a modem in every house.

The indispensable priority of people who spend half of the day in the virtual world is to have modems connected to their homes in order to have more and faster access to the internet service they need and even bring to the basic point. There is bad news for citizens who buy internet service. If you do not update your agreements, an additional fee of 77 TL will be added to your invoices as of tomorrow. You need to renew your commitments and agreements by contacting the customer representative of the operator company from which you receive internet service through the modem. If you do not take a leap in this direction and do not act hastily, the increase rates starting from 77 TL will be reflected directly to the next month after the billing date.

Attention, those who have a modem at home!  If you do not update the agreement, 77 TL will be reflected on the invoice as of tomorrow.


Operators, which have been serving for many years in Turkey, will apply a hike in the price of the internet service they provide. While companies that provide internet service via modem, which come up with innovations after every price hike, were provided with Value Added Tax (VAT) in the previous period, this is no longer the case. For months, it has been trying to increase the profit margins, while allowing the users to get more out of their pockets by reflecting on their invoices.


According to estimates, while the lowest internet speed was previously given at 8 MBPS, it is expected to increase to 16 MBPS with the new period and the new prices to reach 130 TL levels.

The long-standing economic crisis has not only affected certain areas. It hit the whole industry and service deeply. It caused more money to come out of the citizens’ pockets directly. As such, people who could not make it to the end of the month by necessity entered a period of restriction in order to secure their budgets in certain areas.

Among the fees paid to monthly subscriptions, the highest price is given to internet service in some families. The internet, which is used more effectively than a military weapon that is difficult to prevent, has started to destroy the future with a generation’s forward leap.