Athens and Yerevan run to the fire

Over-the-top warmonger, fake bully Greece’When you say who is provoking me, who is behind it, you have a simultaneous by provocation same head and way Armenia in AzerbaijanHe got into this dirty game by attacking, or rather, got involved. Just like in July 2020 Turkey with Greece’At a time when the world was once again on the brink of conflict. Armenian Azerbaijan on the border Tovuz like attacking your city. So throughout history USA and West used by two apparatus same scenario again extras in position. Even when it is obvious how that scenario ended in defeat for them, and how it will end. Inevitable, Mitsotakis he is still in stress disorder due to the trauma of a century ago. the other, Pashinyan He is in a position that has tasted defeat two years ago, sees that he is not enough, knows the economic collapse of his country, cannot see his future, cannot realize it. However Pashinyan in terms of Azerbaijan with Armenia There was also a process in which hopes for peace were on the agenda. So this aggression isn’t crazy for both extras, it’s literally mind keeping or bondage status. because Greece and Armenia prime ministers USA and France’by the backing, provocation or instruction of propellers running on fire they are dragging both themselves and their country into disaster with an unconscious behavior. Moreover, in front of the whole world and competing with each other. for example Mitsotakis’of Paris’to go and Macron’a Turkey’The day she complained about her well-being and cried for help. Azerbaijan’on a spree to attack Pashinyan’by phone too Macron’like u calling and asking for support. USA and France directing, giving instructions, puppets, useful apparatus are obviously running into the fire. The reason is known: USA and France, TurkeyIt is disturbed by the ever-increasing power and effectiveness of . In cooperation with each other in an effort to prevent Turkey’against a complicated game, bench they’re after. In this context too USA and France hand in hand Greece They tried to start a process through Greecewith the provocation and provocation of Turkey In case he comes to the trap and attacks us, there will be an opportunity. But Turkey he didn’t eat it. While that vile tactic is still being carried out, in order to open a new front Armenia was provoked. who agreed with it from yesterday Armenia in Azerbaijanattacked . there too Turkey’to this attack From the Shusha declaration born and declared to the world alliance even though it’s not a declaration brother Azerbaijan’They knew that there would be no spectators due to their unconditional support. But Turkey as Azerbaijan he didn’t come to this game and Armenia’Without falling into the trap of “Azerbaijan is attacking me”, without any civilian’s nose bleeding. Armenia’gave the necessary answer. By the way Azerbaijan’Nor did the black propaganda bases aimed at presenting Turkey as an aggressor state. USAyour entire account Turkey’One thing I spoke to yesterday, which draws attention to the fact that it is to lure people into a trap, to open a new front. military officer says:

“The USA and France are two actors running in the same lane, one of which is more powerful. But now they are using Athens and Yerevan together because their interests overlap. Their diameter and weights are also known. There is no question that the USA will come and stand against us as an armed force. He gives a gun, gives reason, gives way, says you are a lion, watches. It’s the same logic as the terrorist organizations it uses. The US’s concern is to take place through Greece and Armenia, not an occupation, but a plan to waste time, spread its power.”

In summary, what we say is both evil association as well as timing In terms of nothing, nothing is accidental. And puppeteer USA with FranceBoth puppets moved by the play of useful tools in the sense of another puppet terrorist organization PKK/YPG/PYD’Actually, they don’t differ much from. All three of them serve the same center and follow the same path and method, and their baseness knows no bounds. Greece and Armenia‘of PKK/YPG/PYD It is already known how they embrace and embrace other terrorist organizations. Terrorists roam their lands, they are publicly trained. There is even the possibility of their blood mingling with each other.


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