At the table of six, “adventurous discourse” 4 months ago, “hamasi speech” today!

They accused him of adventurism.

Now, by giving a speech to the hamasi..

Yesterday, they were saying, “You are embarking on dangerous, risky big business”.

Today, they say, “You are making an assertion of bravery and without action”.

Let’s avoid abstract expressions.

Let’s give the date..

Let’s give our information by transferring the statements of the interlocutors and leave our criticism for later.

Not much, but four months ago, on May 30, 2022, in the joint statement made after the fourth meeting of the six political parties at the Future Party Headquarters, hosted by Future Party Chairman Ahmet Davutoğlu, the following was said:

“We should stay away from tensions and adventurous rhetoric and policies that will cause the balance of power in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean to change against us and harm Turkey’s multidimensional foreign policy requirements.”

We have repeatedly criticized the expression “adventurous discourse and politics” in the joint statement of the six-table.

And four months later..

On October 2, 2022, this time hosted by CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, gathered under CHP flags (In the frame of the photo, Ahmet Davutoğlu came across under the CHP’s six-arrow flag. Do you call Davutoğlu a divine warning, ‘My life? Do you think they are sinking more and more into the swamp every day, from the rhetoric of ‘it was in the struggle with the CHP mentality’, it’s up to you now.) The following statements were included in the joint statement made by the leaders of the 6 political parties:

“The government, which uses the foreign policy and national security issues as a domestic policy material, tries to cover up the fact that the Turkish-Greek balance in the Aegean is deteriorating in favor of Greece, with hamsi speeches. This security weakness, which is the product of a foreign policy devoid of institutional wisdom, cannot be covered with any malicious language.”

To a political power that you said 4 months ago, “You are making adventurous attacks”..

4 months later..

How can it be said, “You are giving Hamasi speeches”?

The moment you say “Adventurous discourse that will hurt”…

“You are doing things that you don’t even have a right to. You claim that this discourse will harm us.

The moment you say “Hamasi speech”…

“You are not doing what you should be doing. You have no execution. You are handling the situation with words that are pleasing to people.”

However, in the joint statement 4 months ago, “Your rhetoric is beneficial for the country. We support it.. We expect you to implement it. We should have said, “We’re behind you, too.”

They didn’t say..

They were on the side of the Greeks.

They came from the USA.

They sided with the British and the Italians.

Now is..

They claim that “the Turkish-Greek balance in the Aegean is deteriorating in favor of Greece” and they say, “You cannot cover it up with a heroic speech”.

In fact, it is said that “you have created a security weakness”.

The joint statement, which went bankrupt in 4 months, is also a proof of how forced and artificial unity the 6 parties are.

In yesterday’s joint statement, it was decided to dive into certain issues that will make separate voices from each seat of the six-table.

What are those subjects?

I quote from the description:

They started with “law, justice and judiciary”.

I’m asking right now:

Will the SP, which curses the current government from morning to night with the lie of “The Ak party has released adultery”, demand the prohibition of adultery in the field of law?

Will it object to CHPIP+DEVA+GP+HDP requests to return to the Istanbul Convention?

The joint statement continues, “Transparency, auditing and the fight against corruption.”

Will the corruption in CHP municipalities be tackled? Will the 100 million tender received by the Good Party deputy from the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality be followed, will the bribe Mansur Yavaş demanded from Sinan Aygün be followed? What immoralities are behind IETT’s billion-dollar tender to the company where IMM is the financial advisor of a CHP deputy under contract, will it be investigated?

Let’s continue with the joint statement:

There are studies under the title of “Science and Technology”.

Let’s ask right away, “Will Darwin’s theory be taught in schools as the CHP wanted, as it was in the past, as a compulsory and the only scientific truth? Or will the creation narrative continue to exist in schoolbooks as an alternative, as the AK Party has only just placed it in textbooks?”

In the joint statement, the headings of “Foreign policy, security, defense” were also opened.

Will it be what CHP says about Libya or what IP says? Will the CHP have a say in sending troops across the border, will it be SP or GP?

Regarding the liberation of Azerbaijan’s occupied territories, CHP deputy Ünal Çeviköz said, “We sell weapons to Azerbaijan, we can be tried in international courts. Will the statements of “We should not send jihadists to Azerbaijan for the liberation of the occupied lands” be prioritized, or the Iyi Party’s “Come on lions. Liberate the occupied lands. Have the states that supplied arms to Armenia been prosecuted so that we should be afraid of Turkey being prosecuted too. Has the PKK terrorists’ fighting in favor of Armenia been held accountable, so that the attempt to save Azerbaijan’s lands will be aborted with the words “Jihadists went to help”?

There are many more issues that undermine the six-table.

But I’m stuck with this sentence in the description..

“All terrorist organizations, underground criminal organizations and drug lords will be attacked with determination.”

I couldn’t believe it, I read the sentence again..

I read it again and again..

Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.

Was it not the CHP that gave credence to the terrorist organization’s statement in the martyrdom of the police in Mersin, or are we wrong?

Following the words of the ringleader of a criminal organization living abroad illegally, hour and minute, seconds after he shared it on social media, he immediately accepted those slanders as true and said, “Where is the prosecutor, open an investigation immediately, file a lawsuit immediately” and discredit the mafia boss. Wasn’t it every single member of that six-tee table that made the owner?

Wasn’t it every member of the table of six who accepted the slanders against the Minister of Interior, who was fighting against the mafia boss, as true, and said, “He should be dismissed immediately,” exactly as the mafia boss wanted?

What happened now, you look like you’re going to fight the mafia bosses..

Did a stone fall on your head?


Have you fallen into fear by saying, “Emre Olur, the official spokesperson of the mafia father, has been arrested, it’s our turn to be the unofficial spokesperson”!