Aston Villa fired Emiliano Martinez!

The Argentine goalkeeper is in trouble because of his attitude at the 2022 World Cup celebrations.

Although not as much as Lionel Messi, the superstar of the 2022 World Cup, one of the most prominent names in this tournament was Emiliano Martinez.

Argentina and Aston Villa’s goalkeeper came to the fore with his celebrations after the big victory and received a lot of criticism.

The seasoned glove is now in danger of being punished for those actions.

What are the allegations?

fichajesAston Villa’s manager Unai Emery claimed that Emiliano Martinez had complained and tried to persuade the club to sell the goalkeeper after celebrating Argentina’s victory.

If Aston Villa sends Martinez they could make a decent income from the goalkeeper given his recent World Cup form.

What did Unai Emery say?

Aston Villa’s new coach criticized the Argentine goalkeeper’s attitude at the celebrations, saying:

“When you have big emotions, sometimes it’s hard to control. I’m going to talk to him next week about some celebrations.

“But I respect that he’s in the national team for now. Whenever it comes under our responsibility, then we can talk.”