Arda Turan’s statement from Okan Buruk in Galatasaray


Galatasaray, Sport He won the friendly match with Istanbulspor, one of the Toto Super League teams, at Nef Stadium, 2-1. Speaking at the press conference held after the fight, Galatasaray Technical Director Okan Buruk“I wanted to play this friendly match in our stadium. We really wanted to have a league-quality match against good teams. Today, this has emerged. I thank our fans. They supported us with a good score even if it was a friendly match. It was a good game overall. Istanbulspor He did a good job in . We scored a lot of goals. We scored 2 goals and we couldn’t take advantage of the 7-8 position. It will be important for us to score these as well. One of the important places of this match was that Mata and Icardi saw a match. Apart from that, Midtsjö and Leo Dubois “He couldn’t find time after his injuries, which was also important for us. Too many players from our academy played. Today is our greatest happiness. Today, when we look at it in general, it was a good match. We completed it without injury and by winning. I congratulate my players.”


When Dutch football player Patrick Van Aanholt was asked to play on the left wing, Buruk said, “We didn’t have many alternatives on the wing. That’s why he played Patrick there. We don’t think about it in the league. Beknaz was there. Beknaz is not in our squad as a foreigner. Beknaz is not in the status to play with us. Due to the number of foreigners and the number of his own miles, he was not in the U21 group. Maybe he can enter it after January. Right now, Beknaz is a player who can’t play in our squad, so we took him in. We had to drop an 11 for this match. That’s why we thought. With Patrick “We haven’t had a related experiment,” he said.

Stating that the important thing is to get into the position, Okan Buruk said, “The goals are coming, even though they are close. “We have caught a lot of it today,” he said.


“Galatasaray’s doors are always open for Arda”

Arda TuranUpon being asked whether he will take part in the technical team, Buruk said, “Arda is very valuable to us. We played together when he first played. He is a very important and valuable name for Turkish football. The doors of Galatasaray are always open for Arda. Football After that, he will decide in which subject he will be involved in football. Will improve on that. He will invest in himself. Our door is always open to Arda. We have nothing right now. He also worked hard for Galatasaray and did important things,” he said.