Arda Turan statement from Erden Timur: We are thinking of making a jubilee

Erden Timur, Deputy Chairman of Galatasaray Sportif AŞ, said that they are considering making a jubilee to Arda Turan, the former football player who quit football.

Speaking to the yellow-red club’s YouTube channel, Timur said to a fan’s question about Arda Turan, “He is a Galatasaray football player that Turkey should be proud of. He grew up from our academy. Of course, we are thinking of the jubilee. He has played in teams such as Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, and won championships in Europe. “We have players who have worked for Galatasaray and have not made a jubilee. I think we should do something for them as well.” gave the answer.

Noting that they are already thinking about the plans for the next season, Erden Timur said, “We needed guaranteed players this year. We had to sign short-term contracts with these guaranteed players. The contracts of 4 of our players are for 1 year. They do not actually receive high salaries as salaries. Salaries have decreased, bonuses part. “The numbers are very small. We made these contracts to plan the next year. We are making very important plans for the next year. We have time. We have different strategies. We will divide our work abroad into 7 separate regions,” he said.