Arda Turan explained the Galatasaray plan: “Like Pep Guardiola…”

1905 GSYİAD President İbrahim Hatipoğlu said, “First of all, I would like to thank him in front of all of you. We wanted to remind you gradually how Arda has served Galatasaray and Turkish football, but it is not possible to describe it with squares. Arda is a captain who cries while everyone is laughing, for him we appreciate his value. We have to know for life. We said thank you for what you have given and will keep alive because I believe that Arda Turan only took a break from his service to Galatasaray. I believe and support him wholeheartedly,” he said.


Arda Turan, who was very touched by the video and organization made for him, said:

“First of all, GSYİAD is very valuable to us. First of all, I am a Galatasaray fan who knows the value and value of GSYİAD very well. Today for the first time in a long time I saw something being done for me. All my life, I have always tried to love Galatasaray unconditionally. Galatasaray never made me lose, it always won. We will do whatever task falls on us for the success of Galatasaray; If it’s fandom, we’re always here to eat together, travel together, infrastructure, because the love of Galatasaray has nothing to do with me. After a long time, I felt very valuable and special.”


Talking about his goals, Turan said, “I wonder what Ajax is up to. Afterwards, my preference is not to start with a team halfway. I want to be a systems teacher. I want to be a school teacher. I want to bring to Galatasaray what Guardiola brought to Barcelona. I can start with a team that has a goal, a project. I haven’t decided which game I want to play. It is necessary to play the game played by Barcelona and City with quality players. I think this style of play is not suitable for Turkey. I’m more in favor of the realistic side of things. If the opponent is putting pressure on you, I’m also in favor of playing directly.

For many years, I played with effective forwards and scored goals from spinning balls. I want to mix Barcelona’s game of Manchester City with impromptu football. I want to apply this to Galatasaray in the best way possible. Last year we were eliminated by Barcelona. We made a very good pass. A coach must dominate the team. If you know the enthusiasm of Ali Sami Yen, you can not pass a foul in your own half at the 75th minute. You can throw a long ball there and collapse there with the audience. Because especially Galatasaray fans put that ball into that goal. The passing game is very valid, but together with the club culture, we can do more valuable things.”


Speaking about Galatasaray’s infrastructure, Turan said, “It is really necessary to be an educator to organize the infrastructure. My soul is a competitor. There were 8-10 players that I selected last year. We cannot bring good coaches to our infrastructure with these budgets. We have to be brave and patient. I am not sure that we have this patience as Galatasaray. “Even I expect a response after 1-2 years, this is wrong. Galatasaray should have a game culture and this should start from the bottom. At La Masia, they teach the players to love the game first, after the age of 13, tactics come into play. We really want to make our children love football.” In the 60th minute of Galatasaray’s infrastructure, one of the game’s parents asked, ‘Why did he leave?’ “We need to change our perspective from our parents first. We should bring parent meetings to the infrastructures. But I don’t think we can achieve this in terms of infrastructure. We need to bring experts, I can help. We need to bring the right people to the right places. When I’m dealing with the infrastructure, I don’t just watch the game from the side. When the normal pitch is empty,” he texts. “They chose artificial turf. I asked, ‘Who decided?’ No one answered. Then the man in charge of the turf there made the decision,” he said.

Stating that he received offers from Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe, Arda Turan said, “I have received offers that cannot be refused from Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe other than Trabzonspor. But I am an emotional, loving person. My biggest title is being a Galatasaray fan,” he said.


Regarding Galatasaray’s role in transfers, Turan said, “I said to the management, ‘If you need anything, I will come immediately’. I went with Erden brother for Torreira and Mertens transfers. I was there to help. Torreira and Mertens are on the team now. I wish Alexis Sanchez had been transferred. It was my biggest dream. We wanted it but it didn’t happen,” he said.

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