Arda Guler facts in Fenerbahce! A new contract will be made, no one should count the minutes…

“Why won’t it play?” after each failed result. with the question Fenerbahce We knocked on the door of the leading names of the club for the issue of Arda Güler, which has become the first item on the agenda, and the answers we received were similar: “Arda Güler is not the crisis item of F.Bahçe, he is his son.”

President Ali RamWhile it was underlined that ‘s did not distinguish Arda Güler from his own children, the expressions “Our President, Arda Güler’s parents are very close, even like a family” were used.


Underlining that some previous examples should not be brought to mind, the officials said in a statement to Hürriyet:

“Already, at the end of next month, he will turn 18 and a new contract will be made by necessity. There can never be a situation like ‘Alas, Arda will abandon us’. Let our fans rest in peace, no one counts the minutes. The character structure of Arda and his family is obvious. He plays in our club, he studies in our school. Even if Arda leaves this club, he will definitely not step out without a goodbye that day.


“Arda is a son who grew up in this club and is kneaded with this culture. We want him to play too, but Jorge Jesus is the only official of the team and no one can interfere with his decisions. Tomorrow (today) cup matches start, maybe a different process starts with the Rize match, who knows? “He already sees that there is a serious championship pressure on him. It is the right attitude to stay calm here, to support the team and trust the coach and his decisions.”

Arda Güler, who grew up in Gençlerbirliği’s infrastructure and came to Fenerbahçe in 2019, played in 14 official matches in total this season.”


Fenerbahçe extended the contract of the young player until 2025 on March 17, 2022, after Arda Güler made his star shine. However, if he plays under 1500 minutes in this contract, he will be released for 5 million Euros. If he plays 1500 minutes or more, his release clause is 17.5 million Euros.


Arda GulerWhile playing only 41 minutes in the Super League, he had a chance for a total of 312 minutes throughout the season. In other words, if we accept the allegations as true, Arda Güler needs to play for 1195 more minutes in order for the clause ‘He will be released for 5 million Euros’ to become inactive.

UEFA Europa League, Super League Fighting in 3 lanes, namely the Ziraat Turkish Cup and the Ziraat Turkish Cup, Fenerbahçe will play 25 more games until the end of the season if they play in the final in Europe and the cup. If they don’t make it to the final, that number will drop even more. In this table, in order for Arda to exceed 1500 minutes, he needs to have a 90-minute chance in at least 11 games. In fact, this means that in almost every second match, he started 11 and stayed on the field for 90 minutes.