Arda Gler crisis in Fenerbahe! Partner card…

Fenerbahe, which is 4 points behind the leader Galatasaray in the Sper League, is experiencing an Arda Gler crisis. The experienced coach of the yellow navy blues, Jorge Jesus, does not play the young talent in the starting 11. However, Arda Gler’s stunning football and his performance in the later matches stirred Fenerbaheli fans and sports public opinion.


Lastly, Jorge Jesus became the weigh-in for the yellow navy blue team, who was heavily defeated at home in the Galatasaray derby. Portuguese player, who got 1 point in Beikta derby, lost against Trabzonspor. Now there is Arda Gler’s reaction to Jesus, whose derby scorecard failed in the first half of the league. Fenerbahe fans, who want the talented football player to play in the starting 11, are reacting to Jesus.


For Arda Gler, who played as a backup in the last mraniyespor buffalo of Fenerbahe in the Sper League, the coach made the following statement to Jesus: ‘Why is Arda Gler not playing, is it not enough, is it tactical reason, all Turkey is wondering about this?’ In response to the question, Jesus said, “As the technical director, I have to make certain decisions. Today, Arda did not enter the show, because I thought it would be more beneficial to have fast Emre Mor on the wing.”

Star Newspaper