Wasn’t this generation Z made up of bright young people?
Computer engineers, programmers, etc.
They’re all like harpoons, they’re all already European…
Even some friends because I talked to them “Repeat my writings they won’t read they said…
Let them read this.
Because the goose foot is different.


Generation Z turns out “intravenously” he’s hanging on…
University students ha…
It has come to the fore on platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok!
The rate of young people listening to arabesque in Turkey has increased by 287 percent in three years!
People are hungry, is that why?
Or is it because of the tasteless and lowly media that constantly pumps arabesques, advertises it, and tells about its virtue?
Well, if you even make a feature film of some stars whose songs no one has ever heard or heard of…
If you make the marriage and separation of the worst singer an issue for days and then separate it…
If you market the professional cheddar who open this place to the horns as material…
If you sell poor peasant children whose words are incomprehensible and whose reading and writing is poor, as great artists…
This is what will happen.
Muslim father was number one.
It is a matter of curiosity which lumpen tabloid is his father.
Then Ebru Gündeş is coming.
marblingeither “Girl, you’re in Italy If you were born and raised with this voice now La You were performing in Scala” I said… Sugar is a girl. I like it.
But not as a voice actor.
Third place deceased Bergen there is.
It’s impossible to lie to him. When the poor woman lost her eye, she had almond eyes.
Behind Funda Arar.

who is an excellent jazz singer Narcissus Ozer’get back to arabesque and put yourself down like download Heather it is also a sad case.
Isn’t it a pity for these talented people?
Also, Star Tilbe… breaking records.
They all make money.
What are they losing, have they thought about it?


The Lumpenproletariat is growing at a tremendous rate, getting crowded, for now it has taken over the suburbs of the big cities, but in the future it will also march towards the center…
pray too “line in hand” not be.
In this case, it is natural for arabesque to take over the country.
But for the bright and posh segment of the Z generation, this is probably not arabesque. “arabex” It is possible!


Wow… crying while you listen to Tosca Ataturk’Weren’t you the children of fame?