Application deadline is March 31, 2023! Ziraat Bank customers suffered, the most explosive campaign of this year

Ziraat Bank, one of Turkey’s most rooted public banks, continues to serve its customers with successive campaigns in the New Year. Another good news came from Ziraat Bank. The details of the crazy campaign were shared in the announcement made on the bank’s official website. Those who use Ziraat Bank’s Bank card will officially fly with joy. Those who apply to this campaign until March 31, 2023 will take a deep breath to get rid of all their debts. Those who are curious about the Ziraat Bank Bankkart campaign are in our news…

Ziraat Bank gives a gift of 300 TL to its customers. Ziraat Bank, Turkey’s most rooted public bank, makes a total of 300 TL Bank card payment, including shopping, 100 TL for new supplementary card applications, within the scope of its new campaign. The details of the campaign were announced by the bank on its official website. Do not be late to earn free and non-refundable cash from the campaign, which has a deadline of 31 March 2023. Millions of Ziraat Bank customers can participate in this campaign. Details about Ziraat Bank gift money campaign are in our news…


Ziraat Bank made an official statement on its new campaign on its website. The announcement regarding the campaign, where applications will be accepted until March 31, 2023, is as follows;

“For our customers who apply for an additional card until March 31, 2023 and will be the first additional card holder from our Bank, 100 TL for their spending of 100 TL or more with their additional cards at once, and 300 TL for 3 additional cards in total, a Bankkart Lira gift!”



The conditions for participation in Ziraat Bank’s gift Bank card lira campaign were also announced. Within the scope of the campaign, which will be valid until March 31, 2023, a gift of TL will be given for 3 additional cards to be taken from the bank for the first time. While 100 TL gift debit card TL was given to each new additional card application, the total amount of gift Bank card TL to be received by those who applied for 3 additional cards was 300 TL. Ziraat Bank announced in its statement that the campaign is on a customer basis. In addition, additional card holders from the bank have the chance to win 100 TL as a gift for spending 100 TL or more. In other words, a total of 900 TL gift TL, 300 TL from each card, is loaded onto your credit card.



Within the scope of Ziraat Bank’s campaign, the loading date of the gift liras earned from cash and installment transactions has also been announced. It was learned that the gift liras, which will be loaded on the cards until April 10, 2023, will be withdrawn if they are not used within six months.