Applicants enter 2023 debt-free! 7 banks signed, will give the biggest debt closing loan! These people can instantly

Good news for citizens who owe ING, Yapı Kredi, İş Bankası, TEB, QNB, Akbank, Garanti BBVA. A new application has been developed for retirees who owe money to one of these banks. Retirees who owed debts to these banks were given the chance to close their debts and consolidate their debts in a single bank.

Big news from TEB, ING, QNB, Yapı Kredi, İşbank, Akbank, Garanti BBVA! Source: Bank debts become history Great news from TEB, ING, QNB, Yapı Kredi, İş Bankası, Akbank, Garanti BBVA! An innovation has come for retired citizens who have debts to ING, Yapı Kredi, İşbank, TEB, QNB, Akbank, Garanti BBVA. Retirees who owe these banks will be able to both close their debt and collect all their debts in one bank. Details are here…


There is good news for retirees who have debts to NG, Yapı Kredi, İş Bankası, TEB, QNB, Akbank, Garanti BBVA Bank. Retirees, who have debts to these banks and have difficulty in paying, will be able to pay their debts more easily by taking loans. If you are retired and have debts in several banks, you can pay these debts by combining them in a single bank. Banks will also provide you with credit facility in this regard. The mentioned banks provide facilities for all retirees who have difficulty in paying their debts to close their debts. With the campaign they started, they provide credit support and enable them to close their debts. All retirees can benefit from this facility.


So, how to apply for this retirement special debt closing loan. Customers of the relevant Bank will be able to apply by visiting the Bank branch, or they will be able to apply through online Banking. They need to click on the retirement-specific loan application tab via Online Banking. Since the form information will have to be filled in completely, application can be made by going to the branch.