Apple will add charging adapters to iPhone boxes!

In recent years, Apple has taken a critical decision for charging adapters and unboxed many products, especially the iPhone. Of course, he said he did this to avoid large amounts of carbon emissions and that everyone already has at least a few adapters in their home. However, some states will not find this explanation convincing because they explain that they do not accept the decision taken.

After France, Apple products will be sold with charging adapters in Brazil!

Last May, a Brazilian citizen sued Apple and Samsung for removing charging adapters from the box contents and won $5.2 million. But here, the court did not take a decision that would set a precedent for brands. So he didn’t say that the chargers should go back in the box.

Apple charging adapters

But as of today, a court in Brazil fined Apple $2.3 million. It also took a decision not to sell unless chargers are added to the box. So iPhone sales are banned until Apple takes a step back. Therefore, Apple may send the headphones and charger in addition to the iPhone, as it did in France.

Removing the charger from the boxes has been a problem for Apple and Samsung!

Removing the charger from the boxes has been a problem for Apple and Samsung!

Apple and Samsung, which removed items such as charging adapters from the boxes, were fined by the consumer protection agency Procon.

Of course, many companies, especially Apple, are selling this way today. Even the important leaders of the market, such as Samsung and Xiaomi, decided to follow the same path when they saw that Apple’s decision did not have a negative effect on sales, although they initially posted ads that made fun of it.

Although Apple says that with this step it can prevent more than 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions per year, it is claimed that this is not the real reason. Because during the 5G transition period, all brands have increased their products. Apple, on the other hand, kept the price constant by removing the adapter from the box.

Of course, it continues to introduce new fast charging adapters every year and distribute them all over the world. Although it is not unnecessary like the 5W adapters in the box and never used, a separate box and packaging is made for each product.

Also, like iPhones, it continues to be transported by ships, planes, trains and trucks. In other words, while the number of 5W adapter production decreased, the number of powerful versions increased. Therefore, it may not be a step taken for emissions as in the decision of the Brazilian court.

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