Apple Watch could be banned for patent infringement

Apple’s popular smartwatch Apple Watch Series 6 and the aftermath is facing a new patent crisis. According to the latest lawsuit filed in the USA, Apple used the patent of products that measure blood oxygen levels without permission. If Masimo wins the case, the Apple Watch could be banned in the US.

Apple Watch in trouble with oxygen tracking feature

Apple Watch Series 6 and later models, pulse oximeter Thanks to its feature, it can monitor the oxygen level in the blood. However, a brand that produces medical products masimothat Apple uses its own patents He claimed. The two companies are in a legal dispute for Watch Series 6 and later.

Masimo accused Apple of stealing patents related to the pulse oximeter and sued the tech giant. In the case before the US International Trade Commission (ITC), it was decided that Apple infringed one of Masimo’s patents.

Allegations of racism for Apple Watch!

Allegations of racism for Apple Watch!

Allegedly, the Apple Watch reveals that the sensor that measures the oxygen level in the blood does not work efficiently in people with dark skin tones.

The ITC has yet to decide whether to ban the import of Apple Watch models that track blood oxygen levels. However, Masimo CEO Joe Kiani said that this decision will help restore justice in the market.

Kiani also described Apple as a company that steals innovations from other companies and generates revenue from these innovations. While Apple has not made an official statement on the matter, it plans to appeal the lawsuit. Let us remind you that Watch Series 6 and other models have not been banned yet.

Another claim that emerged a while ago showed that the Apple Watch sensor, which measures the level of oxygen in the blood, does not work effectively in people with dark skin tones. According to the lawsuit, such devices have long had trouble measuring blood oxygen levels based on skin color.

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