Apple CEO Tim Cook explained: The language everyone should know

Apple CEO Tim Cook gave some advice to young people in an interview with Dutch media outlet Bright last Friday. While Cook tried to explain the importance of coding education in schools, he argued that coding is a universal language and everyone should learn this language.

Saying that people should learn programming before graduating from high school and that their education should be given in primary school, Cook underlined that he sees coding as the only universal language.

Cook’s coding explanation is nothing new. Tim Cook, who participated in an interview with CNBC in 2019, stated that coding is as important as math and history lessons and should be included in the early education curriculum.

In his statements on the subject, Cook wanted computer science to be added to the K-12 curriculum in each state. In addition, more than 500 business people said they support Cook.

Business people shared the following statements to convey the issue to the authorities:

“The United States is the world leader in technology, but only 5% of our high school students study computer science. How is this acceptable? We invented the personal computer, the internet, and the smart phone. It is our responsibility to prepare the next generation. For the New American Dream.”