Another comment for Yusuf

Caucasus made statements to members of the press at the Hasan Doğan National Teams Camp and Training Facilities in Riva before the friendly match against Georgia to be held on Tuesday, September 27.

Tolunay Kafkas answered the question about the agenda that developed after Galatasaray’s new transfer, Turkish-Austrian football player Yusuf Demir could not play as a native.

Expressing that they have made statements about the subject of Yusuf Demir before, the experienced technical man said, “I did not make malicious statements on my own behalf. It turned into an issue between Mr. Dursun Özbek and our Federation President. Our problem is not to lose, blame or defend anyone. Our aim is to bring everyone into the national team. If there is a procedure for this, our Federation President, our board of directors and Galatasaray Club will solve it.” said.

Caucasus stated that they are thinking of playing 3 in defense in the Georgia match.

Explaining that the camp period went well, Kafkas said, “We have 7-8 people from last year and new friends added to the new group. Especially in this 1-week period, we continue our training by concentrating our game philosophy on issues such as pressure, transition and taking precautions. “We are thinking of playing threesomes because of the quality of the backing players and the defenders. The formations on the field are not important, but we try to continue playing without a system in terms of the philosophy of the game. We try to cover every topic we can fit in this week,” he said. he said.

The coach of the crescent-star team stated that they would face Germany in the friendly match, but they agreed with Georgia after it was cancelled. “We want to meet players. There are critical players here. There are players born in 2005 such as Arda Güler and Kenan Yıldız. There is a five-year age gap between these players and the opponent. This is something we do not want, but there is nothing we can do.” expressed an opinion.

– “In my term, 13-14 players were promoted to the A National Team”

Tolunay Kafkas noted that 13-14 players from the hope national category were promoted to the A National Team during his time and he is proud of it.

Reminding that they sent many players from the Ümit National Team to the National Team, Kafkas said, “The National Team of Hope is a very important place. It is a transition place in particular. During my period, 13-14 players succeeded in being promoted to the National Team. This is also for me. It is a source of pride. We are very happy. Our primary goals are to expand the National Team pool, to increase the competitive environment there, and to have a higher number of players in certain positions. I am very happy because of that.” used the phrases.