Another chain store joined the price fixing call

Minister Nebati repeated his call for “price fixing and discounting” to the business world, which he had brought up before, at the MUSIAD Extended Presidents Meeting. Congratulating the businesses that fix the prices and offer discounts on many products, Nebati called on all businesses to implement similar practices.

In this context, 14 retail Turkish Retailers Federation, which represents the association, 5,500 branches and companies that employ more than 100 thousand employees, and is the umbrella organization of the retailers, also announced that they have decided not to make a raise in food, durable consumption group, cleaning products, kitchen tools and equipment.

in Ankara Dolphin Market, Altunbilekler, Happy Center in Istanbul, Onur Market, Hakmar, Başdaş in Izmir, Celikkayalar in Konya, Duzgun in Erzurum Market The Federation, which is a member of many well-known supermarket chains, said that as local chains in 81 provinces, the state will always stand by the citizens.

A101 decided to fix the prices of 2023 products until the end of January

Not indifferent to the call of Minister Nebati, Turkey’s retail chain A101, which has the most stores, said that it will fix the prices of 2023 products, including basic needs, until the end of January.

In this context, A101, which provides services in 81 provinces of Turkey with its more than 12 thousand stores, will continue to stand by the consumer by offering its products to its customers at affordable prices through weekly campaigns as well as this decision. A101 aims to both protect the purchasing power of consumers and support the country’s economy.

Şok, Migros, CarrefourSA and Happy Center also announced that they would fix prices.

Previously, Turkey’s leading chain markets Şok, Migros, CarrefourSA and Happy Center had stated that they were applying “discounts” and “price fixing”.

The first statement came from Şok Markets, and the company announced that it had fixed prices for 1000 products throughout January.

Migros also announced that it had price-fixed 419 Migros-branded products, which include the most basic necessities such as flour, oil, tea, sugar, legumes, detergents, and diapers throughout January.

CarrefourSA in January food He stated that he supported the call by deciding to apply discounts from 20 percent to 40 percent in 20 thousand products in the categories of food and non-food products.

Happy Center also announced that with the new year, they reduced the label prices of food and non-food products by 10 to 20 percent, and that they could make discounts in meat and dairy products in the future depending on the supply.