Annual energy bill of a family in Belgium exceeded 9 thousand euros, new measures announced

New measures against the energy crisis in Belgium

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo made a statement at the end of the meeting held due to the energy crisis in the country.

Pointing out that as the federal government, they determined new measures to support households and businesses in the face of rapidly increasing energy prices, De Croo said, “Depending on income and energy contracts, the households most affected by the crisis are 135 euros per month for natural gas bills in November and December, and 61 euros per month for electricity bills. Euro discount will be applied. used the phrase.

Explaining that those who are on social energy tariffs for the poor in the country will not be able to benefit from these discounts, De Croo stated that the package covers those who have energy contracts with variable prices and fixed payments.

De Croo stated that the 225 euro support provided to those who are heated with heating fuel has also been increased to 300 euros.

De Croo pointed out that they have also taken measures for businesses and self-employed who suffer from high energy prices, adding that companies will be allowed to postpone their social security premiums and tax payments, a temporary energy unemployment support will be applied, gas and electricity taxes will be reduced in November and December, bankruptcies due to energy bills will be allowed. announced that it will be delayed.


The annual energy bill of an average family in Belgium that will make a new electricity and natural gas contract has increased to 9,210 euros.

Vreg, the energy regulatory agency of the Flemish Region in Belgium, shared the data containing the current figures that an average family will pay for their annual electricity and natural gas consumption.

Accordingly, the annual energy bill of a family that will sign a new contract in Belgium in September will reach 9,210 euros.

The annual electricity bill of a family that consumes average amounts will be 3 thousand 256 euros, and the natural gas bill will be 5 thousand 954 euros.

In the same period of last year, the average annual electricity bill in Belgium was 1051 euros. Thus, electricity bills in the country tripled in 1 year.

In the country, the average of annual natural gas bills in March was 2 thousand 554 euros. Natural gas bills have more than doubled in the last 6 months.

On the other hand, these figures do not include the effects of the various measures that the government has put in place to reduce energy bills.

In Belgium, the VAT rate on natural gas and electricity was reduced from 21 percent to 6 percent, and social tariffs for the poor were implemented.

Natural gas and electricity consumption of households in Belgium is not measured and billed every month. The annual energy consumption average is determined by considering various factors such as the size of the house, how many people live and the energy classification. This figure is divided by 12 months and the same amount is paid each month. In the measurements made at the end of the year, the difference is collected or a new invoice level compatible with the actual consumption is applied.

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