Announcement has been made for retirees! At that time, a promotional payment will be made up to three months’ pension, check it out now

Announcement has been made for retirees! A promotional payment will be made up to three months’ pension at that time, check it out now – New promotional developments announced for more than 12 million retirees in Turkey. There are hot developments regarding the retirement promotion figures, which have been the number one agenda of retirees since July. Accordingly, in the statements made, a new 3-month period is entered in pensions. Opportunities for retirees were announced in the hot developments that we first announced by Haber Kredi before.

As we enter the new era in promotional payments, new campaigns from banks continue to be announced one after another for retirees. Promotional payments equal to three-month pensions will be transferred to the accounts on the given date. Here are the details and more at


Promotion payments to be made for retirees in Turkey are entered towards a new turning point every month. In this regard, the statements to be made by President Erdogan are eagerly awaited. Announcements will be made on October 28 as part of the AK Party’s election preparations, which has been on the agenda before. While the promotional figures in public banks remained at 750 TL, private banks increased the amounts up to 10 thousand TL.

While millions of retirees were receiving salaries from public banks across the country, they moved their salaries to different banks as the numbers did not increase. While new developments about state banks are on the agenda every day, it is wondered when the numbers will increase. Here are those allegations.


Promotion figures in Turkey were increased to the lowest level of 3 thousand 500 TL. The highest promotion figures paid for retirees were up to 10 thousand 500 TL. While new promotional campaigns were not announced in October, the dates were extended.

Retirees, who are waiting for a move from public banks, closely follow the developments on the agenda in line with this period. While the highest payments are made in promotions, equal to the amount of three months’ salary, the lowest pension is expected to be 5 thousand 500 TL in January 2023.

When the pensions increase to 5 thousand 500 TL, it is expected that the amount of payments to be made from private and public banks will increase to 16 thousand 500 TL.