Announced to the world! We are coming to Turkey with 30 billion dollars

Libya’s leading contracting companies with billion-dollar business volumes will meet with Turkish companies at the Urbanexpo Forum to be held in Istanbul on October 3-4.

According to the ICF Fair statement, the “Urbanexpo Forum”, which will be held in Istanbul in cooperation with the Libyan ADD International Group, will bring together the contracting companies of the two countries.

More than 300 senior managers of giant public and private construction companies, contracting companies, municipalities, chambers of architecture and engineering from Libya will attend the event. Participation will also take place at the ministerial level from the country in question.

At the opening of the event, which will be attended by large contracting companies and branded housing manufacturers from Turkey, Libyan ministers as well as Istanbul Builders’ Association (IDER) Chairman of the Board Nazmi Durbakalım and Real Estate Overseas Promotion Association (GİGDER) President Faruk Akbal will make speeches.

Among the supporters of the summit, which will be held under the main sponsorship of Rahma Group, one of the leading private companies in Libya, there are companies such as Rahma Group, Alsahl Group Holding, Engineering Group-Taskeen Real Estate Company.

NGOs such as Libyan Chamber of Architects and Engineers and Tripoli Municipality will also participate in the event, which is supported by Libyan Development and Investment Holding, one of the public companies of Libya.

Capital exceeds 30 billion dollars

ADD International Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ghaleb Gheblawi, whose views are included in the statement, stated that the number of business people from Libya to attend the event to be organized in cooperation with ICF Fair Organization exceeded 200 and stated that these names will represent more than 30 billion dollars of capital.

gheblawi, “For the first time, this organization, where priority was given to superstructure works as well as infrastructure works, offers very important opportunities in terms of exporting the know-how created in the Turkish housing sector.‘ he used the phrase.

Pointing out the importance of the event for Libya to regain its sustainable development policy, Gheblawi said, “As the business world, we have full confidence that Libya will develop and progress further if mutual strategic and correct steps are taken. We will contribute to the further development of bilateral relations and the consolidation of friendship between our countries.” made its assessment.


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