Andrea Pirlo: It was a match to be won


Noting that his opponents and his team found positions, Çalımbay said, “The second half was very good, both substitutions and tactical changes. After that, we started to play very well, we got very good positions. We missed a lot of goals, so we had positions, unfortunately the last pass. We couldn’t evaluate it. So of course we are sorry. We wanted to win this match for sure. Our progress in the league must also be good so that we can fight comfortably in Europe. Our only aim was to win this match. Last season, we started with a lot of draw. For him, at least 2 “We will take on our true identity in three weeks,” he said.


Çalimbay said that his players can make mistakes and said:

“This team has been going to Europe for three years. Are there any Anatolian clubs that have been to Europe lately, let them say if there are. Some transfers came late, we can’t play friends. We play our incoming player friends in these matches so that they can gain pace. We play both in Europe and in the league. It’s very difficult for an Anatolian team to play this. You don’t have a budget and you have zero chance of getting the player you want. We buy players who can afford it, we try to make things happen that don’t exist. I’m very happy with my team, very good after 2-3 weeks We’re going to be in a position.”


Fatih Karagümrük Coach Andrea Pirlo, on the other hand, stated that they were sorry for not being able to turn the positions they caught into goals, and said, “We started the game especially well in the first half, but we had to evaluate the positions we found with goals. It was a match that should be won, but we could not evaluate the positions. Especially if you are playing in difficult away positions like Sivas, you should evaluate such positions and get the match from here. “We went down a bit in the second half, but we never put the game at great risk. Towards the end of the second half, we actually had positions, but we couldn’t evaluate them. In general, it was a good match for us. We are improving from game to game every day, this gives us momentum of course. These are also We hope it continues,” he said.