Anadolu Agency removed that question from Erdogan’s PBS interview.

Our newspaper’s columnist Barış Terkoğlu said on the program “I Have a Word” on Halk TV that some parts of the interview given by AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to PBS in the USA were censored in Turkey.

Terkoğlu stated that the interview was broadcast in Turkey with the origin of Anadolu Agency, and that it was given more broadly than the interview that appeared on PBS.

However, Terkoğlu said that a part of the interview did not find a place in the Turkish media. “Erdogan is asked the following question: You will face the voters to be re-elected next year. Do you think you will win, or can Turkey go in another direction? His answer is: We have no concerns. No one will replace us. Because there is no alternative. This part has already been published.” said.

Terkoğlu said that there is another question following this question, “I have to ask you this question because you are in the USA. As you know, there has been an election here in the last two years and one of the candidates did not accept the results and objected. Do you think something like this could happen in Turkey?” to the question, “These are normal things. These things happen all the time. There is losing by a big margin and not winning. But we are in such a position right now that we can win.” He said he gave the answer.

Commenting on Erdoğan’s words, Terkoğlu said: “Erdogan says you have no alternative to the world but me. You will either sit with me or sit with me” said.